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The GAFAM era is now

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Philosophy of this site

The pages you can see here wrap the Wikipedia content and customizes its presentation in order to restore the old ergonomy, which was closer to real-life documents made from paper, and that the Wikimedia foundation suddenly replaced with a smartphone-like appearance. Thereby this site intends to fix this choice made by Wikipedia to embrace a trend promoted by the GAFAM, consisting to convaince the world that all it wants is daily life simplification in a context of severe losses of critical thinking, where people don't want to read books anymore, and where users are supposed to keep scrolling again and again on their high-resolution screens displaying only few big things, giving no proper synthetic visibility of the area they are constantly moving into. A free encyclopedia that truly cares about the human conditions should try to preserve the human intelligence: All lines of text must be tightened instead of being enlarged, in order to preserve the users cognitive prevalence over the articles, to train them to overcome their fear to deal with a great amount of text, and to upgrade their ability to focus instead of extending their dependance to the interactivity.


Click here to access the Wikipedia copy with an ergonomy adapted to classical computer screens.